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Best of '12: Winners

The time has finally come. A time of triumph. A time... where winners are announced. Some won by landslides and some by only one precious vote but now they all gather together as the victorious... best icons of 2012.

12feethigh 24_amends a_fast_machine absolutelybatty accordion

ace_of_spades alfiri alisea_dream ancientwhispers angelamaria

applepips16 astrokittie biliki birdienl brutal

blue_emotion boxed burntheflaws calrissian18 cifan70

cool_spectrum crucified daleksaresexy dancelies dashberlin

daydreamshole deternot digitaldesigner earlydreams emharri

erinae erzsebet evangelin1202 eve_sparda fan_cifully

fancifull fantasma_arto feuerfunke flyingharmony fouroux

fullhouse_10 fulminant geckoholic gettingdrastic goreplz

greygarten haldir_lives13 holidaylights iulieki jennybliss

john_scorpy jussy_baby kasiopeia katy_111 kayable

kirtash_girl lady_kingsley ladyhadhafang lalonde lancelotfan

laury_kos lavanille lemonzter library_of_sex liesmiths

light_ofmy_life likealight loka_bones longerthanwedo lumsx

maharet83 marcasite margerydaw_s2 meryva

michira_70 monstersinyou musicalpanties n_e_star naginis

nalazhar narniacmr naushika novindalf nupmetal

ofthesea oviedo partitioning petite_tomate phaust_

phchiu raiindust rashiea rebel reebeecaa

regis rhye rocketgirl2 rosy_nic rowofstars

satinelight schryosel scoobyatemysnax second_love setentpet

shadadukal shuijingling spg_spn_girls siren spud66cat

summerstorm superjesster the_silverdoe theotherayn thyla87

turtle_goose uberniftacular val_valerie vampire_sessah vapor

vexena_sky vintagic violateraindrop warriorchick wendleberry

whoopsallgone wickdshy word_never_said yoli_19 youwatchusrun

Congratulations! There will be a few more posts (remake round up, feedback) but for the most part, Best of ’12 is now concluded. Thank you to everyone who participated in any way, from signing up, nominating icons, voting, helping us mods catch errors- without you guys, this years activity wouldn't have been the most successful yet!

Let me know if you find any mistakes in this post or just discuss the results! Which ones surprise you, which ones did you see coming?
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