Danielle (deternot) wrote in bestof_icons,

Best of '13: Winners

The time has finally come. A time of triumph. A time... where winners are announced. Some won by landslides and some by only one precious vote but now they all gather together as the victorious... best icons of 2013.

absolutelybatty ace_of_spades6 alisea_dream ameliafolder anassa_anemou

ancientwhispers anna_tsukiko applepips16 astrokittie burntheflaws

cool_spectrum crucified dashberlin daxcat79 deternot

digitaldesigner rizbef eowyn_315 erzsebet fulminant

geckoholic gettingdrastic ghanimasun haldir_lives13 holidaylights

icequeen3101 jsfunction julie_izumi kayable ladyhadhafang

lady_kingsley lancelotfan lemonzter linesfade longerthanwedo

lumsx marcasite messdestruction myneonhearts naginis

naive_astronaut naushika nightbulbs novindalf odd_one_around

watchpoint petite_tomate queen_bartonia raiindust rashiea

rebel dixon rocketgirl2 rosy_nic schryosel

setentpet shadadukal shadedcolor shameless666 sietepecados

spankulert spartapuss spud66cat starkwars superjesster

sweetiepebbles theotherayn thyla87 vapor vetica

vexena_sky vintagic violateraindrop wandererjulia wickdshy

Congratulations! There will be a feedback post later this week but other than that, Best of ’13 is now concluded. Thank you to everyone who participated in any way, from signing up, nominating icons, voting, helping us mods catch errors- without you guys, this years activity wouldn't have been so much fun!

Let me know if you find any mistakes in this post or just discuss the results! Which ones surprise you, which ones did you see coming?
Tags: +best of 13, -icon winners
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