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Hello! In the feedback post, several people expressed that having so many icons nominated per maker made voting difficult and frustrating. Two ideas to combat this were brought up. The first idea is to lower the number of icons each person can nominate from 5. The second is to screen nominations so people can't see what icons have already been nominated.

While the mods figure out what to do next year, we'd like to figure out what the popular opinion is. Please vote in the poll about what you'd like to see happen with the nominations in Best of '14.

Poll #1956104
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 37

I'd like/be okay with these options:

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Lowering the number of nominations to 3
12 (25.0%)
Screening nominations
15 (31.2%)
Both of the above options
13 (27.1%)
Neither, leave it at 5 + unscreened
6 (12.5%)
Other (I'll type in below)
2 (4.2%)

If you clicked other, what would you like to see?

Thank you!
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