December 4th, 2011

utena - such a powerful bond

Looking Forward, Looking Back

Welcome to bestof_icons, a icon meme centered around New Years.

The first Best of meme was Best of '10 and was hosted at lapislazu_icons, my personal icon community. The meme grew beyond my dreams and I knew that next year, I'd need to host it somewhere else. Thus, bestof_icons was born.

For Best of '11, I want to expand on the original meme while keeping it focused on New Years and personal growth. With this in mind, several new activities have been added around the main event.

We're still working out all the kinks, so if you see a problem or have an idea to make things run easier, feel free to contact deternot or shadadukal with your thoughts!

The comm will open on December 20th with the first activity. A schedule for Best of '11 will be posted soon, so get excited!