January 14th, 2012

utena - such a powerful bond

Best of '11 - Icon Nominations LAST REMINDER

Hey guys! This is the last day to nominate icons. You guys have been utterly fantastic this year nominating and giving us mods lots of work to do getting voting ready! Voting will be going up as soon as possible after nominations end and the post is frozen. There will be a lot of voting, fair warning!

If you discover any problems in your nominations thread- icons nominated from the wrong year, wrong person, etc- please let us know! The nominations post will be frozen soon, but feel free to drop a line here/at one of the other reminders posts or PM us directly. If your thread is on page 1, 3, or 5, I am handling your icons, so please try to get in touch with me. If your thread is on 2 or 4, shadadukal is in charge of your icons, so try to snag her attention.

Happy January, everyone! Thank you for making this comm such a success.