February 25th, 2017

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  • rizbef

Best of '16: Voting

→ Voting will run approximately from the 21st until 5 days after the final poll is posted - Thursday March 2nd midnight PST
→ Each maker will get their own poll.
→ If tiebreakers are necessary, they will run for two days.
→ If you find any duplicates or ineligible icons in the polls, please let us know!
→ You may vote for 1 to 10 icons in each poll.

This post contains polls for vai_rin, violateraindrop, wickedvengeance, word_never_said, and xafirah

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christmas tree lights
  • rizbef

Best of '16: All Polls Up

The final polls for the Best of '16 voting have been posted!

Polls will be open for 5 more days.  You will have until midnight PST on Thursday March 2nd to vote!

If necessary, tie breakers will be posted the following day and run for two days.