February 8th, 2019

your lie - tsubaki/kousei
  • rizbef

Best of '18: Icon Nominations

→ Voting will run approximately from the 17th until 5 days after the final poll is posted.
→ Each maker will get their own poll.
→ If tiebreakers are necessary, they will run for two days.
→ If you find any duplicates or ineligible icons in the polls, please let us know!
→ You may vote for 1 to 10 icons in each poll.

This post contains polls for violateraindrop, word_never_said, & xafirah

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your lie - tsubaki/kousei
  • rizbef

Best of '18: All Voting Up

The final polls for Best of '18 have been posted!

Normally, polls are open for 5 days after the final post is made.  However, I am about to go on a week-long vacation to a different state, without my laptop.  I am leaving the polls open for the entire week, and will close them once I return on February 19 Midnight PST. I will then post any necessary tie-breakers.

I apologize for the delay of the polls, and now for the lengthy voting period.  But hopefully this at least gives many people a chance to vote~