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Best of '14: Icon Nominations

Welcome to the main event of Best of '14 where people nominate their favorite icons, organized by maker, from the year 2014!



The Basics
    → Makers put their own names forward. You cannot put forward another maker's name for them.
    → Makers should start a new comment thread with their username and the journal where they post their icons in the body of the comment.
    → Respond to maker comments with icons they wish to nominate as that maker's Best of '14.
    → Comments are screened, so you don't know what other people have nominated!
    → This post and all other Best of '14 posts will be left public indefinitely.

Maker Comments - CLOSED
    → Maker comments can be put forward for 10 days. After the 10th, no more maker comments will be accepted.
    → Make sure to put your username first in the comment and also a link to where you post your icons. If you are in a shared community, please note that in your comment and provide a link to your maker tag if you have one!
    → Comments are screened, so a mod will have to unscreen your comment before people can nominate for you. We'll be checking as often as we can, but please be patient! If your comment is not unscreened in 24 hours after posting it, feel free to nudge us in the Questions/Comments/Problems comment thread.
    → Feel free to write other things in the comment! For instance, what sort of style you think you have, what fandoms you focused on, techniques you worked on through the year.
    → Please do not, however, talk up or down individual icons.

Nominations - CLOSED
    → Nominations will be accepted for two weeks - until the 14th. Replies will then be frozen while your mods scramble to put together voting.
    → Icons may be hotlinked from the maker's original post unless the maker says in their comment that it is not okay to do so. All icons will all be saved and uploaded for voting.
    → Nominations should have the icon's image in it (don't just leave a link).
    → You aren't required to say anything other than the image, but it's nice to explain what you like about the icon you chose! What made it stand out to you?
    → You may nominate up to 5 comments per maker. You can either put them in separate comments or all in one. If you nominate over 5 icons, you will be asked to choose only 5 to go through to voting.
    → All nominated icons must be from 2014. If a maker posts icons from contests and the like that were made in 2014 but only posted in their community in 2015, that is alright as long as it is specified that they were made in 2014.
    → Try to nominate for multiple people, including makers you don't know! You can even nominate for fandoms you don't know. Sometimes an outsider's perspective can be fresh and interesting!
    → NSFW nominations should be warned for.
    → Following the 7th, reminders will be posted with links to maker threads that may have been missed. That way, if commenting on everyone feels like way too much for you, you can wait until the reminder start up and throw your nominations toward the people who need them most!

    → If someone nominates an icon for you that you know doesn't fit - either it wasn't made by you, wasn't made in 2014 or for some other reason is ineligible, PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment in response to the Questions/Comments/Problems comment and let us mods know! Us mods don't have time to check out each and every nomination and we'd like ineligible icons to be weeded out as early as possible.
    → You should be able to see the nominated icons in replies to you through your email.
    → There will also be a 24 hour period after nominations end when all the comments will be unscreened and you can check then as well.
    → When we have been alerted, the mods will respond to the ineligible nomination.

    → Voting will run approximately from the 17th until 5 days after the final poll is posted.
    → Each maker will get their own poll.
    → If tiebreakers are necessary, they will run for two days.

    → The winning icons will be announced all together and compiled into a lovely shiny post.
    → Makers can ask for banners featuring their winning icons, if they so desire.

    Advertise Best of '14, please! The more people we have, the more fun it is.

And... go!
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