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(her head was full of fairy tales)

Best Of '17: Winners

The time has finally come. A time of triumph. A time... where winners are announced. Some won by landslides and some by only one precious vote but now they all gather together as the victorious... best icons of 2017!


afastmachine | alisea_dream | ciuciuvaraworld | dixon | ella_rose88

emmatheslayer | ghanimasun | jokermary | jsfunction | julie_izumi

kitamikeita | laurels | littlemissnovel | lover_of_narnia | margerydaw_s2

naginis | novindalf | rashiea | rizbef | sallymn

scarred_loretta | sietepecados | starkwars | sucksucksmile | sweet_lyri

thyla87 | tinnny | tturners | valeyvo | vanessa_lj

violateraindrop | word_never_said | wretched | xafirah


Thank you to everyone who participated in any way, from signing up, nominating icons, voting, helping this mod catch errors- without you guys, this year's activity wouldn't have been so much fun!  I will post the icon remakes round up soon~

Let me know if you find any mistakes in this post or just discuss the results! Which ones surprise you, which ones did you see coming?

Tags: +best of 17, -icon winners
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