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Best of '18: Icon Resolutions

And we roll right in to activity No. 2, ICON RESOLUTIONS

How to Play
→ Post a comment with a resolution for your iconmaking in 2019!
→ Resolutions can be anything from technical skills you want to master to involving more social aspects of the icon world.
→ Basically, as long as it has something to do with graphics making, post it!
→ Look at other people's resolutions and leave comments! Wish them luck, offer yourself as their personal cheerleader, commiserate on a shared resolution. Conversation = awesome!

    I Made a Resolution Last Year!
    → Awesome! Let us know how it went. Next year you can let us know how the ones from this year went as well!
    Here is last year's post if you can't remember.
    → However, you don't have to talk about previous resolutions if you'd rather not.

      I Have Multiple Resolutions!
      → Post them all! You can choose to post them either in separate comments or all as one, whichever works best for YOU.

        I'm a Little Shy...
        → Anonymous commenting is allowed for this activity, so no worries! Feel free to leave any or all of your resolutions under the bag of anonymity.


          Are You Done?
          All done! Go play!
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