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Best of '19: Icon Voting

→ Voting will run approximately from the 22nd until 5 days after the final poll is posted.
→ Each maker will get their own poll.
→ If tiebreakers are necessary, they will run for two days.
→ If you find any duplicates or ineligible icons in the polls, please let us know!
→ You may vote for 1 to 10 icons in each poll.

This post contains polls for benchable, ciuciuvaraworld, delacourtings, and dixon

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Best of '19: Reminder


All icons will now be assembled for voting!  First polls will probably be up in a week (my apologies, but I have family this weekend in town so it may take that long), and voting will remain open until a few days after the last poll has been posted. 
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Best of '19: Reminder

Maker Nominations close tonight Midnight IDLW / 4 AM Pacific / 7 AM Eastern / 1 PM Central European
No further maker nominations will be accepted after this.

These threads could use a bit more nomination love!

Or you can browse all of the maker nominations here and submit nominations for everyone or anyone you may have missed!

Your mod is combing the threads~ I have been trying to catch any ineligible nominations but if you the maker see any I miss, please let me know as well!  (if you already left me a comment, I may not have replied but I did take note)

Icon Nominations will close Wednesday January 15!
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Best of '19: Schedule

It's that time of year again!

December 13th - Icon Remake
It’s your chance to call a mulligan on any of your icons from 2019. Remake any icon and post the before and after for everyone to admire.

December 26th - Icon Resolutions
In the New Year’s Spirit, make some graphic-related plans and goals for 2020! Do you want to make a post every month, icon different subjects, build up your courage to enter a scary contest? Put it down in writing here before the 31st.

January 1st - Nominations Open!
The main event is here! Throw your name into the ring and have people tell you what they think was your best icon from 2019.

January 10th - Maker Nominations Closed
No new makers will be allowed to submit their name for icon nominations after this point. So, make sure you post your name before then!

January 15th - Icon Nominations Closed
That’s it, no more! Take a step back and relax while your mod scurries around preparing for the next phase of the activity...

January ??th - Voting
As soon as possible, voting posts will start going up for every maker! They will be staggered depending on the number of entrants.

January ??th - Winners!
Oops, I can’t tell you when this will be yet! First we need to know how many polls there will be and how long they will take to put up. More on this story as it develops.

Scattered throughout will be reminders, updates, and a few polls to gauge how best to run things for maximum enjoyment and minimal mod hair-tearing.


(All dates and activities are subject to change based on the needs of the mods/unforeseen circumstances)
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Best of '18: All Voting Up

The final polls for Best of '18 have been posted!

Normally, polls are open for 5 days after the final post is made.  However, I am about to go on a week-long vacation to a different state, without my laptop.  I am leaving the polls open for the entire week, and will close them once I return on February 19 Midnight PST. I will then post any necessary tie-breakers.

I apologize for the delay of the polls, and now for the lengthy voting period.  But hopefully this at least gives many people a chance to vote~